George Pollitt

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George Pollitt

Tutor – Fit Futures

About George 

George is passionate about creating balance through health and spreading this message in the greater community. Being dual qualified in Human Nutrition and Exercise and Sport Science along with 3 years’ experience in the exercise and wellness industry, allows him to bring an innovative approach to this roles Throughout this time George has extended his scope by working as a Nutritionist and Personal trainer before settling into life as a Tutor. Aside from Cooking and keeping healthy, George enjoys surfing, yoga, and dancing with friends.

Favourite place in NZ

One of the beaches around home on quiet morning, with a peeling 2-3ft offshore: Te Arai, Tawharanui, Pataua 

Favourite weekend activity

Surfing or boogying 

What I love about Fit Futures Academy

The opportunity to work with the next generation of personal trainers, being able to observe the growth these individuals go on throughout their time with Fit Futures is truly inspirational.

Favourite quote or phrases

I am not what you think i am you are what you think i am - Charles Cooley