T Ngarimu

fitfutures te ngarimu graduation manager

National Graduation Manager – Fit Futures

T Ngarimu

About T

As far as I can remember, I have always been active, whether it be playing bullrush at school or playing various sports socially or competitively. My passion to be part of the fitness industry really came to light when Step Reebok (showing my age here!) came onto the scene. I really enjoyed participating in it and I thought it must be the same teaching it. And so, my journey began. Starting as a group exercise instructor, to a personal trainer and then onto managerial roles in different gym facilities, I found the industry allowed me to grow and to be the person that I am today.

Favourite place in NZ


Favourite weekend activity

Beach, food, kids, whanau

What I love about Fit Futures Academy

The people. I get to chat and email people from different backgrounds and cultures. I really enjoy being a support person and our students first port of call if anything impacts on their study.

Favourite quote or phrases

Karawhuia! (Go hard!)