Hey guys, Andrew here from Fit Futures. A common question I get asked is ‘why aren’t I seeing progress?’.

Well the question that I ask them is, ‘are you tracking your workouts?’. Often I see people just going to the gym, wandering around, picking up any dumbbell, doing a random exercise. I can almost guarantee that they’re not tracking their lifts or anything and this is why they’re not seeing progress.

You need to be planning your training sessions ahead of time before you step foot in the gym. You need to set out all your exercises that you’re going to complete during the day. You’re going to sit out the amount of sets that you’re going to be doing, the amount of reps and ultimately the amount of weight you’re going to be lifting for these exercises. In order to track them you need to be writing these down. Use your phone. Log into your phone, or a little notebook to ensure that each week you’re going to the gym, you’re either using a little bit more load on the bar. Maybe a little bit more reps with that weight, or just throwing in an additional set for their exercise. In order to see results you need to be tracking to see that you’re progressing.

For more muscle building tips tune in next time.