Hey guys Andrew here from Fit Futures. Today I’m going to be talking about progressive overload.

The main underlying reason for seeing development and either strength or physique enhancements through muscle development is progressive overload. This is the key most important factor of training in order to see adaptations you need to be doing more than what you have done. What this means is either focusing on intensity or volume.

By intensity, I mean this is how hard you’re working. How hard you are, how close you’re working to your one rep maxes, and if you’re actively trying to put more load on the bar than what you were lifting, you know last week, two weeks, a month ago.

Volume is defined as load times set times reps. Research does suggest that volume is one of the main contributors to muscle development. So if this is an area of focus that you are, you know, kind of looking forward to achieving focus on volume and increasing it progressively.

For more muscle building tips tune in next time.