Andy Fitness Answers #71 - What is workout efficiency? | Fit Futures

Hey guys, Andrew here from Fit Futures. Today I’m going to be talking about workout efficiency.

It’s common to see someone at the gym performing some type of unilateral bicep exercise while doing a lunge on a Bosu ball. Thinking that they are getting an efficient workout in by joining multiple exercises. Truth is you’re actually making it inefficient by for the lunch and the bicep curl by reducing the stimulus. Because you’re gonna have to reduce the load and you’re just making the workout kind of pointless. Instead you should be focusing on the basic lifts. You know, your presses, your rows, your deadlifts, your squats and your pull-ups.

Stick of these core exercises, keep them heavy. Focus on progressing these week to week and you know drop the cable exercises, the fancy kind of exercises that you might see on Instagram, you know the people that you follow and you’re trying to imitate them in the gym. Throw that to the side and focus on the lifts.

For more muscle building tips, tune in next time.