Hi guys Andrew, here from Fit Futures. Today I’m going to be talking about the three main key drivers for fat loss.

The idea of fat loss is fairly simple right. You create a calorie deficit and over time your body is going to be tapping into your fat stores for energy. It’s pretty simple but there are three main drawbacks for why people fail at this.

The first one is accountability. You need to have friends and family that are going to support your goals and in order for you to stay accountable and on track. If you’ve got a spouse that’s continuously coming home with all kinds of junk food, it’s going to cause you to stray from your diet.

Next is patience. You know everyone wants results quick and easy. You know they want the magic pill, the next machine that’s going to get them the results in five minutes, but you know patience is key. You need to be doing what you’re doing but, you know, sit back, the results aren’t going to come overnight. You need to wait it out.

And last consistency. Like I said, you know to be successful at anything you need to do it day in day out.

For more muscle building tips, tune in next time.