Hey guys, Andrew here from Fit Futures Academy. Today I’m going to be talking about the importance of testing and why you should test.

So, maybe you’ve just started a new program. Well, you need to implement some type of testing protocol in order to see how effective that program is. So, let’s say that you’re doing a strength program, well a good test that you could do is something like a one rep max test. Pick two or three exercises. If it was me, I’d pick the bench press, squat and the dead lift. And do what you call a one rep max test where you figure out what your absolute maximum weight you can lift for one repetition is.

Do this test before the program and then you’ll be able to complete the program, so it might be week one through to week twelve. Then, at the end of that program, do the test again. Because you’re going to see if you’ve gained any strength, maybe you’ve lost strength, depends on your recovery and all these other variables. But you need to be doing some type of testing to see if the program works.

For more muscle building tips, tune in next time.