Andy Fitness Question, 66 – When I get stressed, should I be working out?

Hey guys Andrew here from Fit Futures,

A common question I get asked is ‘when I’m stressed out should I be working out/’.

Exercise is considered a stressful activity. You know you’re placing your joints, your muscles and your cardiovascular system under stress from your external sources, internal sources. So people kind of believe that if they’re stressed out from their work, their school, their family or maybe the relationships, that they should just completely avoid exercise in case there are, you know, overdoing it. However you know, research does show that exercising can actually, release endorphins which can alleviate stress and prove your, you know, your well-being and your mood. And it kind of gives you an outlet to kind of just release all the tension throughout the day in the gym. What’s more important, as you know, getting over stress from too much exercise and you do need to rest.

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