Andy Fitness Questions #67 - What are the main benefits of being a Personal trainer? | Fit Futures

What are the main benefits of being a Personal trainer?

Hey guys Andrew here from Fit Futures.

A common question I get asked by students is ‘what are the main benefits of being a PT and that I can offer a client?’.

Well, the first and foremost, it’s accountability. You know a lot of people, they just need someone to be there. You know, kind of to remind them, you know, you gotta get into the gym today. You’re doing this, you’re doing that, so that you know. That is one of the main sources of value for a client is just having someone to push you into the gym.

Secondly is programming. You know when you’re going to the gym not really knowing what you’re doing. You know you might go in and do a few curls here, a few extensions. Maybe finish off a little bit of tredmill. You’re not going to be optimizing your results. You need structure and you need a program with particular, you know, stages from start to finish.

And lastly, it’s just motivation, or even inspiration. You know some PT’s, if clients might look up to them, you know. Yeah I want to look like that one day, or I want to achieve these, you know, performance goals that they’re achieving, that’s another source of inspiration to motivate clients.

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