Andy Fitness Questions #84 - What's the benefit of meal prepping? | Fit Futures

Hey guys, Andrew here from Fit Futures Academy. Today I’m going to be talking about the benefit of meal prepping.

Meal prepping is basically when you set aside a bit of time to cook, prepare, maybe package a whole bunch of meals which will often cater for multiple days.

The importance of this is that, if you don’t have set meals that you can just grab, because of our busy schedules nowadays, it’s more convenient to grab something quick from a takeaway shop or something like that. So meal prepping holds you accountable for your nutrition. Some tips that I’d recommend is buy in bulk at the supermarket, just get the whole grocery shop in one go and set exactly what you need to get for the whole week’s food and buy it in one go.

Next is, set an hour or two, I do it on a Sunday where I’ll prepare all my meals for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, maybe Thursday all in one hit on a Sunday afternoon.

For more muscle building tips, tune in next time.