Andy's Fitness Answers #93 - What is progression? | Fit Futures


Hey guys. Andrew here from Fit Futures Academy.

 Today I’m going to be talking about ‘progression’. I often talk about progression with a program and how you can progress from week to week, month to month. But a lot of the questions I get are how can you actually progress an exercise or a set. Well there are a few ways to do this.

 Firstly you can look at what you call reps and reserve. This is regarding how close to your RPE, (your max level) you’re training at. Basically how close to failure you are training. Maybe last week you were training at a three RIR, this week maybe take it to two or one. You’re getting closer and closer to failure.

 The next way of increasing an exercise or set is the load. Just throw on another 2.5 kilos, maybe 5 kilos more than you were doing last week. Keep these increments pretty small so it’s sustainable.

 Lastly, add sets or reps. Just add an extra set or add an extra rep, it’s going to increase the volume.

 For more muscle building tips, tune in next time.

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