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Five signs you’ll make a successful personal trainer

We’ve all thought about it while at the gym, in the studio or even walking coffee in hand sporting active wear in the park: “I wonder what it would be like to be a personal trainer?”

You’ve seen them at the gym or running a boot camp, the person they are training is working hard and seeing the results – the trainer is looking pleased with themselves and happy with life. What a job, you’re thinking. Imagine your priority being to maintain an excellent level of health and fitness for yourself and others, including friends and family.

What does it take to be a successful personal trainer? Fit Futures Academy Founder Korey Gibson outlines five signs it’s a lifestyle you should stop thinking about and just start training for.

  1. You genuinely want to help people

Many people are in the health and fitness industry because they love being in the gym, in the great outdoors and moving their bodies. But just as important to them is inspiring others to feel the same way about exercise. And this means helping them achieve their goals, whether that’s weight loss, toning, focusing on cardiovascular health or sports performance and functional fitness– you want to make them feel better about themselves.

  • You’ve felt the physical and mental benefits of exercise

And more importantly, want to share them. When you’re exercising and eating right, your body looks and feels great, stress levels are low and energy levels are high. It’s a feeling many people forget about when they get themselves in a health rut. You’ll know the feeling well and almost be able to describe it quite well and it’s what’s motivating you to help others.

  • The way our body works interests you

You’ve probably have always been the type of person to research why and how our body does what it does – you like to know more about things like how we build muscle, what energy system we use and why some people are better at certain exercise over others. The science of the body spins your wheels and you only want to learn more.

  • You dislike staying still and/or working at a desk all day

You will be a renowned fidget and a hands-on person. Active people are exactly that. We find it difficult to sit still, so why force ourselves to do it? We’ve all seen Personal Trainers, at gyms, studios and at parks; they are constantly moving and on their feet. Their body is happier for it.

  • You find you’re a natural motivator or people turn to you for advice

It’s not unheard of for people to ask you health and fitness advice. How do I use this machine? How often should I be training? What’s the best exercises for leg day? What should I be eating? If you’re someone’s go-to for health and fitness advice, they already see you as an unofficial trainer and their motivator.

  • Korey Gibson is the owner of Christchurch’s The Health Hub fitness group, including Cadence Cycling Studio, MyFirstGym and Fit Futures Academy, the former CEO of Snap Fitness New Zealand, founder and owner of Snap Fitness clubs, former professional rugby league player and MMA fighter. Fit Futures was launched in 2015; created out of the need to ensure personal trainers were best prepared for the industry and give people a flexible, online education option by which to enter their new career.
  • Become a Personal Trainer with the Fit Futures Academy Certificate in Personal Training. If you want to be part of an industry with endless opportunities, and enter it in the most flexible and supported way, get in contact now through 0800 99 88 98