Our Key Advisors


Starting his career in 1988, successfully opening Hunt’s Fitness and Squash in Fitzroy, Leon began his career in the fitness world after seeing how providing a fun, safe and high-quality exercise environment could positively impact people’s lives.

From this initial success, he went on to purchase a second location for Healthlink in Melbourne, before looking to warmer climates and seizing the opportunity in Queensland, purchasing Bodyworks Health Club, Brisbane and Southside Squash and Fitness.

It wasn’t until 2001, however, that Leon brought all of his assets under one brand for consistency of customer experience. In effect, he sold his assets and started a new brand, Goodlife Health Clubs. By 2006, Goodlife had 11 locations and by 2007, 23. Leon remained as CEO for another 3 years growing the largest fitness franchise in Australia, with over 40 locations.

Following the sale of Goodlife, Leon purchased the developer rights to Snap Australia and New Zealand to grow the business to 246 Snap Fitness clubs and 19 9Round studios within just 9 years.

In 2019, Leon was inducted into the Fitness Industry Roll of Honour for his enduring contribution to the fitness industry.

Michelle started her fitness career at the age of 17, training a gymnastic team to win the Level 6 State Championships.

Incredibly passionate about the holistic approach to wellness, incorporating fitness as just one component alongside diet, lifestyle, mental, emotional and spiritual health, Michelle has three decades’ worth of experience to draw from to assist people in achieving their fitness goals.

After co-creating health club chain, Goodlife Health Clubs, with her husband, Leon – the pair have now begun building the Total Fusion concept. Bringing together their love and belief in all aspects of fitness training, from functional fitness, H.I.I.T, yoga, pilates, cycle and the new science of Hyperthermic Conditioning (heated training).

Michelle is very excited by the prospect that what they are creating will enable many people to train in all these modalities at an affordable price, as well as witnessing the industry’s renewed passion for movement.

Empowering and enabling people to be the fittest version of themselves continues to be her life’s mission.



Starting his career at a personal trainer in 2006, Andy moved up quickly in the fitness industry. Opening the first Snap Fitness in New Zealand in 2010, he turned his first profit aged 22, taking the role of Snap Fitness AU CEO in 2013 at the age of only 25 - leading 2 years of the company’s biggest growth. 

It didn’t stop there for Andy, with great ambitions, he brought 9Round to Australia and New Zealand, growing the fitness brand from 14 to 24 clubs in just 6 months. He also founded Nomergy Wellness Technology, with a year 1 turnover of over $700K and year 2 of $800K, as well as heading up the Scrub Co Beauty line and becoming CEO for Snap Fitness NZ. In 2018, he sold Snap Fitness AU and NZ for a multi-million dollar deal. Overall, he has successfully sold over $6 million in his own portfolio investments.

Andy has also proudly raised over $200,000 in the last 18 months for mental health organisations.

Starting out as a personal trainer, Korey now has over eighteen years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. His career, taking off when he started his own outdoor fitness company.

Over the past two decades, his professional success has seen him own, co-own and operate several businesses including: Fit Futures Academy, The Health Hub, MyFirstGym, Waakaainga Sales Software, Nomergy Wellness Technology, Boot Camps Training Systems, and the incredibly successful Snap Fitness NZ – franchising 37 Snap Fitness clubs across New Zealand.

Korey has also enjoyed immense professional sporting success as an MMA fighter claiming several titles including New Zealand’s number one lightweight fighter, 2009-2010. His current MMA record stands at 7-0-0. Previous to this, he had a prolific Rugby League career representing New Zealand, the Auckland warriors and the Taranaki Māoris.

With a deep sense of pride in his Màori heritage, Korey is currently studying Te Reo, with the ambition of speaking his native tongue fluently.

Becoming a father and uncle are his greatest joys.