Lony Fitness Answers #85 - Why is it so important to pre-screen? | Fit Futures

Hi, this is Lony here from Fit Futures and today we’re going to talk about pre-screening.

One of my students asked me; why it so important that pre-screening with the clients? Pre-screening is going to be the first tool that you’re going to be using to collect information with your client. So, you’re going to be able to ask all the questions about their health. For example, if your client have a hips replacement, you need to know all about it. When it was, how long ago, and all the information to create a program. Otherwise, if you do not gather all that information, you’re not going to be able to create a program regarding of their goals of your client. So I encourage you to do the pre-screening, take the time to gather all the information, rapport with your clients, and get closer to them as well and that will make you to create a program from the future.

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