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Hey what’s up guys, it’s Nick from Fit Futures here with yet another answer to yet another question.

Today’s question comes from Tony from Pukekohe. Tony’s question is simply, Nick, what is your ideal gym?

Awesome question, Tony, and I get asked this quite a bit. I don’t know why, people must think I have money and I’m going to open my own facility and want to work for me or something. And I don’t really want to give away all my secrets for fear that the viewers at home will steal my ideas. But for me, if I was to design and open up my own facility, it would have to be spacious. I would like for there to be tons of space around for people to actually maneuver and do all kinds of wonderful things.

The gym I work out at currently has a sled and the sled is awesome and you can throw a whole heap of weight on it.You can push it around, you can pull it around. The only problem with it is this gym is tiny and there isn’t actually the space to push that sled around. So anytime anybody does, everybody’s kind of trying to jump out of the way of it. If it’s a selling point for that particular gym, new members must be frustrated, no end, when they actually do get into the facility and get to play around with some of the equipment because it is really compact, tremendous that this particular facility wants to have equipment like that. But unfortunately, it just doesn’t quite work with the type of gym it is and the amount of space or, I guess, the relative lack of space that there is. So for me, I would love to have equipment like that, but I would also love to have the space for the consumer to be able to use it. I think if I was going to have a nice big wide-open gym, I would probably look to include an indoor running track on it as well so we can implement a lot of Chris Korfist type stuff where we’re working on speed and the tendon and the mechanics of running. Again, if you’re going to do that and you’re going to train that type of component of fitness, you need to be able to have the resources to do so. You need to be able to have the space to do so. So again, the gym would have to be spacious.

As far as equipment goes, I’m a big fan of variety, but I also know that a lot of people squat, a lot of people deadlift, a lot of people bench. So I would have a whole line, a whole host of racks, and I would have Olympic lifting platforms and I’d have dead lifting platforms,and I’d just have them all stationed similar to thecollege football gyms in the United States, in the NCAA. I don’t know if you guys have ever seen photographs of some of those gyms, but just massive, wide open spaces and just tons of platforms and racks and bars.

I’d have Olympic bars, I’d have training bars as well, can’t go wrong with trap bars, easy barsfor curls of course.That kind of variety is important to a lot of people and also important in terms of your fitness and strength endeavors as well because you wouldn’t want to become stagnant at any point, and in order to break down plateaus, you know, you need to have ways that you can vary an activity,andhaving that sort of equipment available would be one such way that we could do it.

But irrespective of the type of space we have, irrespective of the type of equipment, I’m also a big believer on the fact that you need to be able to run and manage the facility to the nthdegree. And if you are trying to put forth a certain image, you need to have the people in the building that can help you do that. So for me personally, I feel that any gym is only as good as the people that are in the building, whether that be staff or even the gym members themselves. So if I was looking at it from a management perspective, if I wanted the gym floor ran a certain way, and I wanted it to be a nice creative, warm inviting environment, I’d make sure that my staff were people that could help facilitate such a thing. So I’d want nondiscriminatory, open-minded, wonderful, enthusiastic trainers to run my gym floor and I would make sure that everybody feels welcome.

And then probably lastly, I would include a policy that I’m not going to name because they’ll need to bleep it out. But basically, a policy wherethose types of people aren’t allowed in the building as well. Obviously from a staff standpoint, they need to be great, but we can’t have people in there intimidating others. We can’t have people in there that think they’re all that and we can’t have people that make other people feel uncomfortable and not want to turn up. So I’d have one of those policies in place and reading between the lines, I’m sure you guys know what I’m harping on about here.

So, Tony, I hope that answers your question and please don’t steal those ideas. Although, hey, they’re universal, there’s tons of gyms out there already like that, but that would be my ideal gym. Something big and spacious with tons of equipment, an indoor running track and plenty of racks so that nobody’s standing around waiting to squat. So there we have it.

So Tony, hopefully that answered your question. To the viewers at home, keep an eye out for more content. There is always plenty more where that came from. And if you’re wondering what we’ve spoken about previously, click the link and check out some of our previous work.

Until next time, guys, keep safe.


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