Nick Fitness Answers #100 - Should I train over the festive season | Fit Futures

Hey what’s up guys, it’s Nick from Fit Futures here with yet another answer to yet another question.

Today’s question comes from Steph in Auckland and the question is; I don’t feel like I should be training over the festive period so I can enjoy my summer, what should I do? Steph, look, do what will make you happy ultimately. Nobody says that you have to train during the summer months. While the weather is great out there and ideally you’d want to stay on track and you’d want to be attending the gym, you’d want to be eating right, if ever there was a point in the year to be a little bit more lackadaisical with your approach, this is it. A lot of people will probably preach that you should be training and eating but for me personally, I am very much a champion for physical as well as mental health. So, make sure that you’re also taking care of yourself emotionally and mentally as well.

Over the festive period, over the summer period, we tend to want to hang out with our friends more, we spend a lot of time with our family, we get gifted a lot of wonderful foods, we have pavlovas put in front of us, we have strawberry shortcakes, we have brandy snaps, we have chocolate logs, Christmas cake, all this sort of stuff gets put in front of us. We get gifted chocolates that we slowly have to sift our way through from December through February. And so, our diet will take a little bit of a hit. When we eat out with our friends it might be that we’re grabbing Burger Fuel and we’re sitting out at Mission Bay on the beach at six o’clock after work, all that kind of stuff. That is perfectly okay. And when it’s warm, sometimes you don’t feel like being in the gym under a heavy barbell on the bench. Sometimes you’d rather be out there paddle boarding. Remember, if you’re out there doing stuff, you’re still physically active.

I said in a previous video; you don’t have to be physically active in a gym. To be physically active doesn’t mean that you throw a couple hundred kilograms on a bar and attempt to deadlift or attempt to squat. Being physically active just means exactly that; being active in a physical sense. Over the summer months there’s tonnes of things you can do that will remove you from that gym environment. You might want to go for a walk with some friends. You might want to go away and walk the trail. You might go down to Tongariro. You might do something like that. You might be at the beach swimming. You might be paddle boarding. You might rent a kayak. You might go fishing. There is tonnes of things that we can do where we can say; “Hey, I’m still physically active but I’m with my friends, I’m with my family and I am enjoying myself. I am making the most of the warm weather. I am enjoying my summer. And yes, my diet wanes a little bit as I fill up on ham and all these wonderful foods.” But just remember that you are only human. I would say this, actually, to anybody who is out there wondering whether they should be pushing themselves over that festive period, if you don’t feel as though you should do it then don’t do it, because you’re probably telling yourself subconsciously anyway. And again, I’m not necessarily well educated in psychology, but I would suggest that if you’ve already got the seeds of doubt that maybe you should just step aside for a couple of weeks. Take a couple of weeks off and then return in the new year with a renewed focus and a renewed energy. The interesting thing about this is I find when you get into the middle of winter, a lot of people go; “Man I wish it was summer again. I wish it was summer again.” So make the most of your summer. Don’t get into the middle of winter and be under a heavy squat looking for a PB and go, you know what, I wish I had made more of my summer than I did.

So, Steph, my advice would be; take a break, take a couple of weeks off, spend it with your friends and family, eat all the good foods, or the bad ones, and just be physically active in the sense that you are enjoying the wonderful warm weather that we have this time of year in this beautiful country. Return in the new year, after a couple of weeks off, to the gym, with plenty of a renewed spirit and a renewed energy, a renewed focus.

So Steph, I hope that answers your question. I wish you all the very best with that. To anybody looking for more content, keep an eye out. Click the link for previous videos and keep an eye out for future content. There’s plenty coming your way. And until next time, team, keep safe.


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