Hey what’s up guys, it’s Nick from Fit Futures here with yet another answer to yet another question. Today’s question comes from Ben from Auckland. His question is ‘Nick where can I find resources or information on training content that would be considered outside the box?’.

Now Ben I’m not entirely sure what you mean by training content that is ‘outside the box’ but I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are referring to things outside of what would be considered traditional resistance training. So what I mean by that guys is, you can go on YouTube and you can find out how to perform a bicep curl, you can work out how to perform a squad, or a deadlift, or a lunge but sometimes you walk around the gym and you see people using other pieces of equipment. It might be Thera bands, or resistance bands. It might be power bags, kettlebells, TRX’s. You may have seen people performing squats but they’ve wedged weight plates underneath the heels to give them a bit of a lift. Okay, and you may be thinking to yourself, why and you may be thinking to yourself how can I be privy to some of this content. Well there’s a few ways.

One way is just primarily through experience. You will get out there and you’ll start training people and naturally you’re going to want to see other ways, other avenues that you can keep your training content fresh and varied. Okay, and by way of observing other trainers in the gym, or by way of doing a little bit of extra research, whether that be via YouTube or via Google or great resources like PumpMed, you will come across some variances in the training content and then you’ll be able to try those for yourself and then slowly roll them out into client training programs.

But one of the very best tools out there, and look I’m not necessarily saying everybody should be using social media. I’m not actually a big fan of social media personally but Instagram is a wonderful tool for sharing and research. It has wonderful researchers such as Britt Contreras and Eric Helms and Brad Sean follow these guys. They are constantly sharing videos and information based on research, empirical evidence peer-reviewed studies that is only adding fuel to the fire that is the industry which is absolutely tremendous. Some other places that I follow as well, such as the ‘strength rehab guys’ and ‘strength coach therapy’. They’re constantly providing video on what I refer to as the ‘one-percenters’.

So we’ve got the big rocks, we’ve got the hip thrust, we’ve got the squats etc but what about hip mobility stuff? What about thoracic mobility stuff ? How can we rehab rotator cuff tears? how can we work on anterior cruciate ligament rehab? If my VMO was to explode how can I rehab that? I know how to do that because I’ve experienced those injuries but if you’re fortunate enough to have not experienced those injuries, how would you know? You haven’t worked closely with the physio to learn some of these rehab tips and what have you? Instagram is the way to go.

Okay so follow some of these individuals, there is a whole host of them out there and they are sharing very valuable, wonderful content for you and either consume and the use and therefore our clients to consume and use, which is marvelous absolutely superb.

But the last point I’d like to make guys, and reference to Instagram still but not necessarily following a certain individual or group of individuals you can also follow hashtags which is awesome and something I stumbled across at the beginning of the year. So the next time you search somebody to follow, why don’t you search for example ‘hip mobility’, or ‘thoracic mobility’, or ‘rehab’ or something like that and then you can follow those hashtags. So you don’t necessarily need to be following the individual that is sharing that content but if you are following an individual sharing content with a particular hashtag that will automatically come up in your feed as you’re scrolling through. I did that and I’m constantly getting video content from people that I don’t even know who they are, and it’s wonderful content that I’m able to immediately plug and play into my various training programs.

So give that a go and see how valuable that is to you. Ben, I hope you’re doing that right now man and starting to follow people on Instagram. Okay, give that a go guys and if you’re looking for more where that came from, we’ve got more videos coming out soon. So stay tuned and if you have any questions be sure to let us know we’d love to answer them.

Until next time guys, stay well.