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Given linear periodisation, what is a build recover scheme?

Hey what’s up guys, it’s Nick from Fit Futures here with yet another answer to yet another question.

Today’s question comes from Timaru, a gentleman by the name of Andy. Now Andy’s question is ‘Nick I’ve been reading a little bit about linear periodization. What is a build recover scheme?’. Really good question. Obviously within periodization we are looking to structure the individual’s training over a certain length of time in order to hit a particular goal. We may wish to train multiple components of fitness on our way to achieving whatever our said goal is, or preparing for whatever competition happens to be. Typically though, what is referred to as the ‘build recover scheme’ is essentially a way that we load the individual and for how long we load that individual before we de-load them. And the reason we de-load them is because we’re after a super compensation okay, which is just a fancy term for achieving and adaptation.

So if I’m looking at improving my muscular strength, I’m gonna load myself up for X amount of time, have a deal load week and that’s my recovery. That is when the adaptation can present itself. That is when I will become stronger and then we can introduce the next training block. So we’ve got build, recover, and then we go again. And we cycle like that throughout our training blocks.

So one of the most popular build recover schematics is a three to one. So it’s referring to training load. Remember? So I might start off at say 60% and then week two might be 70 – 75 percent. Week 3 80-85 percent and then I might have another 50 or 60 percent week which will allow my body to recover and adapt.

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