Hi guys it’s Nick from Fit Futures here with yet another answer to a question I get asked a lot.

So one of my students recently asked me what you can do with a client, or with yourself to incorporate a little bit more physical activity into your day. Well there’s a few things because physical activity just means that you’re moving right. So when you go to work park a little bit further away and walk to the office. If you’re on the phone, do what I do and just pace around and walk and talk. You could always buy a dog and then take them for a walk they’ll love it and you’ll get the physical benefit from it. You could even download apps. There are pedometer apps, or whatever and they track your steps. And it was actually previously thought that 10,000 steps was the way to go but as long as you’re hitting six or seven thousand steps, research has demonstrated that can reduce your incidence of coronary artery disease And all these other things, so they have a tremendous benefit on your health.

All right guys, throw a few of those into your day. Give it a go and yep, just see how you get on.

I’ll catch you next time.