Nick's personal training #88 - What is the relationship between exercise and weight loss? | Fit Futures

Hey what’s up guys, it’s Nick from Fit Futures here with yet another answer to yet another question.

Today’s question comes from Stacy in Auckland. The question is; Nick, what is the relationship between exercise and weight loss? There’s a little bit to unpack here and

I have covered this topic before, somewhat, in a couple of other videos. A couple of recent ones, actually, where we discuss nutrition and a few other things. In a previous video, I spoke to you guys about the energy balance equation and how, in simplistic terms, it isn’t always this easy but in simplistic terms, it’s based on calories in versus calories out. If you want to lose weight, you would need to be burning more calories than what you consume, putting you in what is called a calorie deficit. The opposite of course would be true if you were looking to gain weight and if you were looking to just maintain your weight, you would need to consume as much as you’re expending.

So, what can we do to help weight loss with exercise? The relationship is very obvious. When we workout, we can burn calories. So when we jump on the treadmill, when we jump on the rowing machine, or the cycle, or we go for a walk, or we’re pottering around in the garden, we’re playing with the dog, we’re playing football, rugby, ultimate frisbee, whatever, we’ll be burning calories when we are performing each of those activities. But the other thing to consider as well is not just the cardiovascular stuff that will also help us to burn calories, we can burn calories while we are performing weight training as well. But, an extension to that, when we perform weight training, we can build muscle mass and muscle is known to be very metabolically active.

Research has demonstrated that the more muscle we have, theoretically, the more calories we can burn. There’s a couple of myths out there with respect to just how much that actually is. Research is a little bit divided a bit on the exact number, but the reality is that we will burn more at rest because the muscles will require a lot more energy and obviously we get our energy from our food and a lot of food is packed with calories.

So, the reality is that the relationship is quite pronounced. If we exercise, we’re going to put ourselves in a better position to lose weight. But, little bit of caution there, it’s not to say that if we were only to work on nutrition that we wouldn’t lose weight. Of course we would, again, it goes back to the energy balance equation. And it’s also not to say that if you only worked out you would be putting yourself in a position to lose weight. The two go hand in hand as I’m sure you’ve already been told, as I’m sure you’re already aware of.

So, I hope that answered your question, Stacy. Exercise and weight loss. There is a relationship there and it’s not just about burning calories because muscle is metabolically active so we would also want to be lifting some weights but we also need to be mindful of nutrition and, specifically, the energy balance equation.

Guys, if you’ve got any more questions for us, please get in touch. Or as always, check out the link below and look through our previous content for answers to other questions and until next time, guys, stay safe.