Phillipa Fitness Answers #100 - Want three 'anti-procrastination' tips? | Fit Futures

Hey guys, it’s Phillipa here from Fit Futures and today I’m going to give you my top three anti-procrastination tips.

Sometimes I can definitely fall prey to procrastination so these are what I do to help myself get out of that rut.

So, the first thing is that I think about progress not perfection. Sometimes I’ll procrastinate because I want to do something perfectly and I don’t think that I can do as well as I could maybe later on. Now I just think I’m going to do it as best as I can and I can fix it later.

Second thing is I use the Pomodoro technique where you do twenty-five minutes of work and then have a five minute break, and then go back. Breaking it into smaller chunks makes it feel more manageable to me.

The third tip is that I like to do the biggest and hardest task first so that I can’t procrastinate by doing meaningless tasks and push it off.

Cool. Those are my three tips. Thanks guys. Have a great week.


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