Hey guys it’s Phillipa here from Fit Futures. When I’m working out or going for a run I love listening to podcasts. It keeps me entertained and it’s also another way that I like to increase my knowledge about health and fitness.

So today I’m just going to share a few of my favourite podcasts for health and fitness with you guys and maybe you can listen to them on your next round, or workout. So my first one is I love listening to Joe Rogan ones especially. He’s got one with David Yeomans who is an endurance athlete. It’s all about talking about how to push through and grit and increase your mental grit when you’re working out with your body and how to increase mental toughness.

The next one is ‘the health code’. It’s two youtubers who discuss everything from how to get the best 6-pack of your life, to how to create a nice community that is going to inspire you to improve your health.

And my last one is, ‘the Nike training podcast’. They talk to top athletes and sports scientists and it’s great thing to listen to.

Have a great week bye.