Hey guys I’m Phillipa from Fit Futures,

So today I’m going to talk to you about ‘conscious practice’. We’ve all heard the phrase that ‘practice makes perfect’ right?  is that true? So every time you perform another repetition of a movement you’re strengthening the neural patterns between your brain and the muscles used, however if your perform your movement incorrectly you’re going to cement in bad habits.

There are three tips that I have for you and your conscious practice. So the first one is to be conscious. Think about how the movement feels if you’re in the gym. There shouldn’t be any tweets/twinges, it should be a fluid movement no matter what the exercises.

The second one is to get online and get informed. So what YouTube videos of power movements should be performed and ask other people in the gym who may know more than you.

The third; is to get a coach. So using a workout buddy, or a friend, or family member to watch what you’re doing so then they can correct any of your movements. Awesome guys, I hope you guys have a great day training.

I’ll see you next week.