It’s Phillipa from Fit Futures and recently I was asked why sleep is important for training?

So first of all getting more than seven hours of sleep is important because it’s going to give you enough energy to exert when you are training.

The second reason is that you’re going to eat better food and probably eat yeah, more of the good stuff. People find that, a study finds that under slept individuals tend to go for more processed foods and more carbohydrates than ones who have slept enough. You’re also less prone to injury in sickness. So sleep is really important for your immune system. If you’re sick you can’t train so it’s really important to make sure you’re getting to bed early enough to get those eight hours in. And it’s also going to make you less likely to be injured, as your muscles have more time to recover and you’ll be more focused and in the zone, so you’re less likely to trip up and tear a ligament, awesome.

That’s all for me. See you next week, thanks.