Hey guys it’s Phillipa here from Fit Futures,

Dynamic stretches are a great way to warm up a client for a workout because they increase blood flow to the area and the same time stretching the ligaments and muscles to prepare them and prevent them from injuring during the workout. So I’ve got a couple of dynamic stretches that you can add into your workout routine, or you workout routines, for your clients.

First one is a ‘straddle toe touch’. So the feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and touching both toes, and then go into the middle. So side to side and then into the middle.

The next is a ‘lunge’ and a’ kick’. So this is going to work your hamstrings at the same time as your hip flexors. So starting off in a lunge and then kicking that foot up. You can do this as many times as it’s necessary.

And the last is just a simple knee to chest. So walking in a line, pulling that knee up into the chest and that again is gonna stretch the glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors.

Awesome, that’s all for me today. Thanks guys