Career & Employment Opportunities for Personal Trainers.

Realise Your Career Potential.

We believe in the power of potential. Our role is to simply give you the guidance you need to get you where you want to be, and part of that means helping you realise the different opportunities available to you in the health and fitness industries. 

Graduates of the Fit Futures Academy are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to independently move forward with their own personal training businesses both in New Zealand & across the globe.

With the help of our fitness industry partners, we’re also able to facilitate job opportunities and work experience placements in the industry, giving you the hands-on experience you need to progress as a fitness enthusiast.

The employment opportunities with a Fit Futures personal trainer qualification really are endless. We listen to your needs, refine your skills and get you the fitness qualifications and training you need to transform your career.

  • Personal Trainers
  • Gym Instructors
  • Exercise Consultants
  • Athlete Fitness Trainers
  • Cruise Ship Fitness Trainers
  • Gym Managers
  • Boot Camp Business Owners
  • Health Programme Coordinators
  • Team Fitness Trainers
  • Community Programme Leaders
  • Coaching and Sport Development
  • Sports Development Officers

Student Testimonials


Our students get out what they put in, & many get jobs in the fitness & personal training industries soon after graduating with us.

A Fit Futures Personal Training Qualification has name recognition and a great reputation within the industry. Read on to hear what some of them have to say about the professional opportunities they've had after studying a Personal Trainer Qualification.

Jaden Ryder
Jaden Ryder

From the moment I left highschool, I was a Chef in a busy cafe working full-time. However, fitness is a strong passion of mine.

I decided to study with Fit Futures Academy because others, I've known in the industry, have done their course through Fit Futures.

Support was amazing. From the friendly welcome at the beginning to weekly emails, with tips to help in the industry, all the way to the final assessment where full provided support was always on offer.

I'm already set in the industry as a Coach in a circuit style HIIT gym. And with this qualification, it will set up my future as a PT/Coach. Hopefully, I'll build my way from there onto bigger and better things in fitness, life and the industry.

Do it! Fit Futures Academy has given me something more to do and something to chase in my career. Get it done and take on every piece of information they give you. The amount you'll learn is like no other source.

Karlos Gemmell
Karlos Gemmell

I was working the vineyards before studying with Fit Futures Academy. I wanted to help other people to overcome physical problems such as stress, obesity and other health issues. I believe, if they could achieve small fitness goals often, it can be the starting point to achieving much bigger life goals and a push in the right direction.

I had lots of support during my studies. For me, it took the pressure off while studying online.

The highlight of my study was working with a client during the course and graduation! Fit Futures has given me an opportunity to work in my dream job! I will start contracting out of a local gym!

To anyone wanting to study at Fit Futures Academy, don't be afraid to ask questions!

Nathaniel Bain
Nathaniel Bain

Before studying I was a General Labourer and a Retail Assistant.

I have always been a huge lover of sports and being active. Also one of my previous roles was a snowboard instructor and I remembered back to how much I used to enjoy teaching people and being there as they learned new skills. I wanted to find this enjoyment again and believed becoming a personal trainer would be the path to go down! So, I chose Fit Futures Academy as I knew a few people who had already studied with Fit Futures Academy.

I received continued support throughout the whole course. Whenever I had a question about something course related or PT related my tutor responded super quick and gave me all the answers I needed.

My highlight was being able to use the knowledge I was learning with my parents and getting them to become more active and healthy within their lifestyle. I'll hopefully be able to use my qualification to go down other paths within the health and fitness industry - maybe training athletes within football, snowboarding or golf!

Fit Futures Academy has given me a new job which I enjoy everyday and put me in a position where I am in control! Overall, this is a great course - learnt everything I needed to learn, gave me the confidence to take it into my first role as a personal trainer and put it into practice!

Go for it. If you love sports, movement and helping people, it's a great qualification to have!

Leanne Brewer
Leanne Brewer

After working in the fitness industry for over ten years and owning a gym for five, I decided to finally take the plunge and become a Personal Trainer! I wanted to be able to study when it suited me and with a busy life and two small children I wanted to be able to work and study from home!

Working with my tutor, Libby, made studying easy. She was so supportive and really encouraged me to work hard and guided me towards completing my qualification.

I really wanted to gain this qualification for myself and I am really proud that I can now call myself a Personal Trainer.

Audrey Tendron
Audrey Tendron

I've worked in tourism for over 12 years. I had decided that hospitality and tourism was not for me anymore. I realised that what filled my cup was to make people move in a way that makes them happy about themselves whilst gaining confidence. 

FFA were all very supportive, from great responsiveness to providing us with additional resources throughout the course on a weekly basis. I loved every single practical assessment - very particularly Module 9 where we took on our own PT client. It made me more confident in the career choice I had made.

My advise to anyone that is looking at a career in Personal Training is to GO FOR IT! I am currently in the process of setting up as a mobile personal trainer to facilitate bringing this service to the community. I feel like I do have a true sense of purpose when I wake up and that I can make a positive change in people's lives.

What stopped me from doing it sooner was my lack of confidence, so don't hesitate and jump into it! Thank you so much FFA!

Tim Freeman
Tim Freeman

I changed my career in less than 6 months! I signed up with Fit Futures in September 2015. Their helpful team made it extremely easy to get the ball rolling with my fitness career while working full time. Throughout my study period, they were very supportive with any questions I had with the curriculum. Their continual support with frequent meetings to check my progress made my learning very easy with flexible hours.

The Fit Futures team made it very easy and seamless to integrate into an amazing team as a fully qualified Personal Trainer. I strongly recommend Fit Futures to anyone that is looking at becoming a fully qualified Personal Trainer.

Alesha Watson
Alesha Watson

Before I started studying with Fit Futures Academy, I was a stay at home mum. As I was realizing I enjoyed fitness a lot more than working in childcare, I stopped the previous study I was doing in Early Childhood. I had plenty of contact and details provided about the course that I didn't see any reason to not study with them.

I started study with Fit Futures Academy not long after having my first child so I was motivated to push myself to lose weight. It was the biggest I had ever been; I was mentally drained and not happy. Once I started studying with Fit Futures Academy, I started noticing my own changes - feeling the difference, and then seeing the difference. All I felt was the encouragement to help motivate and push others to achieve their goals with fitness.

I enjoyed how the course was very accommodating about their study with my busy schedule. Any help I needed was always given and I felt very happy dealing with anyone working at Fit Futures Academy. They were extremely supportive and I couldn't be happier with their support and help along the way. The highlight of my study was definitely getting towards the end knowing how close I was to becoming qualified, and I was able to secure a job within a gym facility because of that.

It has changed the way I look at fitness and exercise massively, I used to hate any type of fitness and now I love it. 

I would highly recommend studying with Fit Futures with how kind and helpful they all are. I was always supported, and any issues were always resolved quickly and respectfully.

Chloe Burnell
Chloe Burnell

I have always been passionate about exercise and wanted to find a new career path. A friend of mine was studying with Fit Futures and I liked that everything was online due to the pandemic. I didn't want my studies to be disrupted.

The highlight of my study was learning about how the body works.

I am now working as a coach at a gym. I have been able to leave hospitality work, and start a job I love! Take a leap and do it, it’s worth it in the long run!

Lucy Kofoed
Lucy Kofoed

Prior to beginning my study at Fit Futures, I was working at an amazing gym that reignited my love for the fitness world due to the immense supporting community vibes it exerted. I chose Fit Futures, as I wanted to be able to keep my full-time hours and study at the same time. And, I wanted to teach the amazing lifestyle to individuals, who were yet to discover how truly beneficial [fitness] is for your day-to-day life.

I received a huge amount of support from my tutor Libby 24/7. She never failed to always help and guide me when I needed it the most. She definitely played a huge part in my journey, with Fit Futures, in such a positive way. My studies put me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to do certain things that would have normally taken me a lot to do; it’s changed my life. I learnt qualities that will follow me for life, not only in the fitness industry.

I’ve recently landed a role as an Assistant Manager of a popular gym branch in NZ (Snap Fitness), and I have started up my personal training business (L.C.K. Fit).

If you’re considering this course, definitely enrol. It is education that will kick-start your career as a personal trainer.

Zara Winn
Zara Winn

I worked for a supermarket as an office manager and have enjoyed getting into fitness and health over the past few years.

However covid hit and I only realised how much knowledge I had after other people appreciated my help when it came to exercise. I had a friend that has done their course through Fit Futures so I decided to do it as well.

The support from the tutors has been amazing! I really enjoyed the group fitness module and assessments. It has given me more knowledge and more confidence within myself to share the knowledge I have with others. I plan to start some personal training and hopefully some group fitness classes.

I recommend anyone to study with Fit Futures and not let anything or anyone stop you! I worked full time and still managed to study the course.

Molly Lawrey
Molly Lawrey

Before studying with Fit Futures Academy I was studying to be a paramedic. I thought being a PT would be a cool career as I love how the human body works and I genuinely enjoy being able to help people. I chose to study with Fit Futures due to their reputation and flexible online courses.

My favourite parts were learning about nutrition and the placement at Les Mills for my practical course. I now feel more confident with myself and have already started applying to work as a PT in my local gym.

Their team was both amazing and helpful! I 100% suggest you consider studying with them! The tutor support and online course is definitely worth it! Shoutout to Libby - she’s the reason why I continued and kept going with the course.

Sophie Boyce
Sophie Boyce

I was cheffing in Australia until I found Fit Futures Academy on Google and decided to make a much needed career change. I fell in love with fitness through my own journey and wanted to learn more to help my own training, as well as be able to help other people down the right/safe path so they can love it as much as myself.

All the tutors I've dealt with have been so incredibly helpful and will answer any question I have, related to the course work or not! I particularly LOVED the workshop! Being hands on in a learning environment, and able to talk back and forth with the tutors, asking questions that I may have never thought of through email. I hope to take up a position at my local gym part-time while I continue to work fulltime, while also providing online coaching.

Take the plunge with Fit Futures! You will not regret it. I have learnt so much, fallen in love with the industry, and met other students that I will now be lifelong friends with!

Thank you so much to the whole FFA team! I am so grateful for all the support and guidance I have received!

Marta Philip
Marta Philip

I was made redundant at my job last year during the first lockdown which made me think, "What can I do from this point on? I'd like to do something that I love, something that I can get some money from and be in control of, in case of other situations similar to this happen again in the future."

What was it that I loved and could at the same time turn into a job? Answer: Gym work! I asked Jude Nielson, the owner of the gym I attended if she thought it was reasonable for me to go into Personal Training at my age and so on... she was very supportive and super excited about my decision to start a career in fitness. She said that if I studied through Fit Futures Academy, she would hire me as soon as I started my training.

And the rest is history.

I loved every minute of my studies and would definitely recommend Fit Futures Academy to anybody interested. I loved the flexibility of their online courses!

Tiffany McClure
Tiffany McClure

After giving birth to my second son and my body not quite going back together the way it once did - I was forced to learn more about my new anatomy. After seeing an amazing physio and truly getting to understand the function of my own body, I was quickly made aware this wasn’t something every women got the luxury of after being coming a mother and I wanted to help fill this important gap.

I took the leap while on maternity leave to begin becoming a personal trainer to specialise in pre and postnatal exercise. Since finishing I have also completed two pre and postnatal courses and looking forward to starting my own business giving the women out there the care they deserve.

Sharon Bouwer
Sharon Bouwer

Since graduating from FIT College (now Fit Futures) in 2015 I have taken my qualification and joined the fitness industry right away.

I completed my first aid course, got my REPS registration done then started my own website, Facebook page and business.

I am now running a great business comprising of Group Outdoor Workouts and Mobile Personal Training, as well as contracting to another boot camp company, as an assistant boot camp trainer.

Leah Morrison
Leah Morrison

I was going through my Bachelor of Health Science, Physiotherapy. I was thoroughly into cross fit and weightlifting and didn't get to learn a lot about programme prescription through physio. I wanted to use this certificate as an adjunct to my physio degree so that I can have a better understanding of both sides of an athletes sporting career and how to benefit them in both injury prevention and training.

Fit Futures Academy offers a very flexible online course with very approachable tutors so that I could manage doing the course on top of physio. This was great because it wasn't demanding and I could complete the assignments in my own time and when it suited me. The team at Fit Futures have been great! Even through the change when our tutors left and we got Ben, he did wonderful managing to keep up with all of us. I take my hat off to him and appreciate the support he gave me, as well as to George who helped me throughout the majority of my course.

I will be using my qualification as an adjunct to aid my physiotherapy journey. But until then I will be using it to provide group fitness classes at a local gym as well as providing programmes and one on one sessions at the leisure centre I work at. Studying at Fit Futures has given me a better insight to programme prescription and healthy living. I have a bit of renewed motivation to get my own health back on track!

All in all, I highly recommend studying at Fit Futures Academy!

Alicia Rew
Alicia Rew

Throughout my studies with FIT College NZ (now Fit Futures), I found the course to be very informing and exactly what I would have been looking for in my start of becoming a personal trainer. Every section was broken up into different categories which made it so much easier to focus on the different topics one at a time. As well as having a lot of theory work there was a substantial amount of practice involved with the submission of videos throughout the course which gave me a more hands-on experience.

Throughout the course if I ever had any queries I knew I could always get help from my tutor Julie. Julie was fantastic, I would either send her a text or email and she would usually get back to me within the day. She taught me things about my training and how to improve on my skills which I really appreciated.

I found that the content of the course is very good for beginners and people wanting to get their foot in the door of the fitness industry. It provides a behind the scenes look at the business side of fitness and helps you prepare for the real world by preparing business plans and even doing a gym layout mock up.

All in all my experience with FIT College NZ (now Fit Futures) was fantastic. I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to study with them and I have been putting what I have studied into practice in the fitness industry.”

Julia Ryder
Julia Ryder

From her first Zumba class, Julia Ryder was hooked and quickly became a licensed Zumba teacher. A growing desire to gain a personal training qualification led Julia to Fit Futures Academy.

“I was inspired to follow in the steps of my fellow Zumba instructor and Fit Futures Academy graduate Emma Courtney. I had qualified as a Level 3 Group Fitness Instructor but wanted to take my learning journey to the next level.”

Working part-time and taking care of her children made fitting study in a balancing act for Julia who credits the support of her tutor and the Fit Futures Academy team for helping motivate her to finish her personal training studies.

“There were times when it was really hard, but Zara and the Fit Futures Academy team were there to support me through to graduation which I really appreciate.”

After graduating, Julia was offered a role as a personal trainer at Plus Fitness 24/7 in Rolleston.

“I am so excited about this new journey and I am hooked on fitness!”

Zoe Anderson
Zoe Anderson

A desire to shed excess weight after having her third baby led to a complete lifestyle and career reset for Zoe Anderson. It wasn’t an easy journey for Zoe who initially battled with energy and injuries while working towards achieving her initial goal of running a half marathon.

“I swore I’d never do it again after struggling through my first half marathon but eventually got back into it.  It was just as hard, but this time, I learned about strength training and injury prevention.”

Something clicked for Zoe and she fell in love with running, although she still believed she couldn’t run further than 21 kilometres. That all changed when talking through her life goals with some inspiring friends.

“I realised I needed to leave my dead-end job and make a change. I knew I wanted to help people like myself who had been struggling with fitness and help them progress.”

Zoe found out about Fit Futures Academy and signed up before she could talk herself out of it. She’s now in the best shape of her life and loves her new career.

“I lost 20 kilograms and I’ve run several ultramarathons. I’m training for my next challenge which is a 100-kilometre event.

“Thanks to Fit Futures I am now a qualified personal trainer and have been given an amazing opportunity by a local fitness studio owner who will support me to progress my career.”

Nadia Kettle
Nadia Kettle

Nadia has gained a real sense of achievement after acting on a long-held dream and studying to become a personal trainer with Fit Futures Academy.

“This experience has shown me that dreams are possible with a little focus, consistency and commitment. I feel like anything is possible now.”

The work experience component of the course was a highlight for Nadia who loved putting the theory into action. She was thankful for the scholarship provided by Fit Futures Academy and the flexible study options which made it possible for her to fit course work into her busy schedule.

After graduating Nadia started teaching fitness programmes with the YMCA and is currently working towards her Les Mills certification in Bodypump. She advises others who may be considering studying personal training to “go for it”.

“Do it! Stop waiting for the right time. Stop second-guessing yourself. If you’re looking to study or work in the fitness industry, go for it! If you’re worried about failure, how will you ever know if you don’t try?”

David Booth
David Booth

“After playing provincial and national level sport I had an injury which forced me to stop playing. Whilst I was at the gym training the owner asked me if I wanted to come on board. As I love the sport so much I thought this is exactly what I want and I can give back a little and help people. I jumped at it”

“I am 54 and proof that you’re never too old to do something you love. Now I can help people professionally with what i have learnt from Fit Futures and my time playing for NZ.”

“Go for it. I guarantee you won't regret it. Plenty of help available. Health and fitness is the way of the future.”

Paula Gee-Wanhill
Paula Gee-Wanhill

I began attending the gym 4 years ago as I had my 4th child and felt I was the largest and unhealthiest I’d ever been! I attended regular PT sessions and bootcamps and lost weight and felt so much better about myself. I then moved away with my family to a new town where I knew no one and missed my personal trainer so I decided to study and become a trainer to help benefit people that are in the same position as me.

Studying at Fit Futures has helped me gain both a great qualification and also valuable industry knowledge to help change my life and giving me flexibility in my career; while also having fun and helping others to better the community at the same time.

The tutors at Fit Futures were great, always available if needed and I loved that they always reached out to check on me and my progress. The other students were great because we helped each other out and shared experiences with each other as well. Thanks to the wonderful team at Fit Futures.

Curtis Hacon
Curtis Hacon

Thanks to FIT College (now Fit Futures) I was able to qualify as a Student of the Year Runner-up in the Exercise Industry Awards and went quickly into employment at one of New Zealand’s top gyms.

I not only felt confident in facilitating high-class Personal Training but also felt confident in operating and marketing my own fitness business”

Sam Bot: Full Scholarship Recipient
Sam Bot: Full Scholarship Recipient

I found my first month exciting… kicking my study brain back into gear and trying to fit it in around life was a bit nerve-wracking, but I love how the course has been tailored to fit it all in.

I was able to work through my lectures at my own pace and revisit and re-access the information, as I needed it. I was nervous about the online component of this course both because of the self-discipline I knew would be required, and also navigating my way through the learning platforms… But as it turns out it wasn’t an issue. The course content was really inviting and I had no trouble in motivating myself to carry on.

I loved that it let me go for it when I had the time, I get as much done in the time I had available, and that I wasn’t limited by class times or awaiting results etc. I loved learning about the body and all that it entails and it has really deepened my knowledge of what I am experiencing during physical activity and the benefits on my body… I am so much more aware of what’s going on, and it’s great!

Jason Hammond
Jason Hammond

Being able to study personal training while working full-time helped Jason Hammond fulfil his dream.

“I was working as a panel beater and had always wanted to study something related to training and fitness but was hesitant to go back to study as it usually meant giving up my job.”

Jason was pleased to discover that study with Fit Futures meant he could keep working full-time and fit study around his work and lifestyle.

“I’ve always been interested in personal training and fitness and had thought about studying for 10 years so this was really the best option for me.”

Now that Jason has graduated, he is looking at setting up a home-based personal training business and plans to start off training friends and family before expanding his client base. He is also keen to learn more about nutrition and mobility so he can specialise in those areas of interest.

“Having a level 4 qualification in personal training and REPs registration has given me the opportunity to explore my options in an industry that I have always been interested in.”

Ruby Turner
Ruby Turner

Landing a part-time job as a trainee personal trainer just 12 weeks into her course gave Ruby plenty of practical experience for her course with Fit Futures Academy.

“It was so good to have that hands-on experience and being with the other PTs helped me understand my study so much better.”

Ruby was an assistant manager at a restaurant before starting her course and she says going to the gym and seeing the results that trainers were getting motivated her to study.

“I love to help people achieve their goals and really enjoy working with others so what sold me was seeing the results that trainers were getting with their clients.”

Outstanding support from her tutors throughout her course was another plus for Ruby.

“The support from Jason, Zara and Fit Futures current and past students was amazing. Sometimes I would doubt myself but all you only have to ask, and everyone is more than happy to help.”

After graduating, Ruby took up a management role with Anytime Fitness in Invercargill and is enjoying working in the fitness industry.

“It’s an awesome experience and being in this industry you are much more aware of
living a healthy lifestyle.”

Lily Purdon
Lily Purdon

A desire to expand upon her knowledge of fitness with a specific focus on prescription led Lily from Otago University to Fit Futures Academy. 

“I was studying physical education and after that, I wanted to further my studies in my specific area of interest.”

 Lily describes her Fit Futures tutors as “incredible” and loved being able to study online. A highlight of the course was reaching the final assessment and looking back on all the learning and skills she had gained.

 “It made me realise how much knowledge I have. Having REPs to my name is great too – it makes it much easier to get jobs overseas.”

 After graduation, Lily took up a personal training role while completing her master’s degree. She hopes to eventually enter the field of prescription for elderly or health promotion.

 She recommends potential students focus on time management and accountability to have the best possible study experience.

Christina Mairs
Christina Mairs

“Fit Futures provided me with part time study that could fit in with my work schedule and other commitments. It allowed me to work at a pace that was achievable with the guiding from two amazing tutors!”

“Studying this certificate changed my life by showing me that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. My own training has become more successful and I have an even bigger passion for helping others then I did before hand.”

“Fit Futures is the way to go! Very helpful tutors, complete at your own pace and fits into your life style with part time study available.”

Rachel Whittle
Rachel Whittle

Once again thank you to my amazing tutor Bryne and the wonderful T.

I cant thank you guys enough for all your support, there were really times during this course I doubted if I could do it but with your guidance, I was able to finish it and now I feel on top of the world.

For this I am forever grateful, thank you Fit Futures team.

Sandeep Gregory
Sandeep Gregory

When I moved from the online to classroom option, I was placed in a group with other students, and we would soon become classmates. What was unique about this group was, there was never a ‘Me First, You Last situation’. Everyone was in this course together, and everyone would complete the course and graduate together. The group exercise sessions, I think was the best!

I think the FF management also made some light-hearted comments, that this was the best group which got tutored in a while. The camaraderie was very genuine, and the group is still very much alive, and everyone is connected even though the coursework has long been completed.

Natasha Turvey
Natasha Turvey

Prior to studying with Fit Futures Academy I was running a lunch bar, I wanted to study Personal Training to aid my personal weight loss journey and to then go on to help other people achieve their goals.

I would say to someone looking at studying, Go for it, course content is awesome and the support from the staff is amazing

I absolutely loved studying with Fit Futures Academy, and although I am super happy I am now qualified feel a wee bit sad my journey with your academy has come to an end, thank you so much to all the wonderful staff and especially my awesome tutor Bryn for all his help and for overseeing all my assessments, thanks guys!!

Jordan Berry
Jordan Berry

A passion for sport and using his skills to help others achieve their health and fitness goals drove Jordan Berry to study at Fit Futures Academy while still a high school student.

“I started my quest to become a personal trainer in 2015 while I was in Year 12. My goal was to finish high school as a qualified personal trainer while studying full time at Massey University in Wellington.

“Fit Futures helped make my dream a reality. To some it might have seem unrealistic to study to be a personal trainer while at high school but because of the structure of the study programme I was able to achieve my goal.”

Jordan says the support he received from the Fit Futures Academy team has made a huge difference in his life. Fit Futures helped Jordan secure a personal training role at Te Aro Snap Fitness in Wellington while studying at Massey.

“I can’t thank them enough for their support. I have been working at Snap Fitness with 30 PT sessions per week since 2017. Because of Fit Futures, I have the skills to improve the quality of people’s lives.”

Brian McCallum
Brian McCallum

A life-changing moment helped Brian McCallum embark on a fitness and lifestyle journey which saw him lose 72 kilograms and gain a new lease on life. 

“I was 175 kilograms and really struggled with everything. I felt horrible and didn’t go out. People made fun of my weight.”

 Brian’s daily routine consisted of staying at home playing video games, watching TV and eating. His self-esteem plummeted and he didn’t leave the house. 

An ankle injury was the catalyst for transforming Brian’s life.

 “I twisted my ankle and while it wouldn’t be a problem for someone of normal weight, for me it meant I was immobile. My ankle couldn’t support my weight and it was hard to even sit on the toilet.”

Brian saw what his future would be like if he continued to gain weight. He decided to take action to change his life.

 “I didn’t want to live this life anymore. I started eating less and exercising more. The weight started falling off.”

 One of Brian’s friends noticed this transformation and suggested that he contact Fit Futures Academy after seeing a Facebook post advertising upcoming courses.

 Brian is now a qualified personal trainer specialising in weight loss as he inspires others by sharing his story with them.

 “I loved studying and put everything into practice. Now 2.5 years later I am 103 kilograms and I help others lose weight because I have done it myself.”

Jordan McGillivray
Jordan McGillivray

Switching from studying acting at university to a personal training course with Fit Futures Academy has provided Jordan McGillivray with a new life path.

 “I didn’t want to do another three years of study to get ahead, so I looked at other opportunities. I was an avid gym-goer and had seen Fit Futures posters at the gym which is what got me interested.” 

Jordan’s personal trainer spoke highly of the Fit Futures training course and answered his questions about the lifestyle and career opportunities, along with the benefits of being a personal trainer. After speaking to the Fit Futures team, he jumped at the chance to study. 

“For me, learning that I could study in my own time and qualify within a year sealed the deal.” 

Life has changed dramatically for Jordan since he made the change from acting to personal training. Once he completed his study he began working as a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness in Hornby. 

“My path has changed and doing the course has opened me up to new opportunities that I didn’t consider before I began my journey with Fit Futures. I am looking forward to new challenges.”

Kirsten Russell
Kirsten Russell

A craving for change prompted Kirsten Russell to study personal training with Fit Futures Academy. 

“I was ready for a change. I had surgery and my dad had been diagnosed with cancer, so it got me thinking about the importance of health.” 

Working full-time as an accounts manager meant that online classes offered by Fit Futures Academy were the best option for Kirsten’s lifestyle. 

“The online factor hooked me as going into classes just wasn’t an option for me.” 

Kirsten was a regular gym-goer before she started studying and had a naturopath diploma that she hadn’t used. She says being able to pursue her passion in a supportive atmosphere was important to her. 

“The course really inspired me, and the qualification has provided me with an opportunity to add to my skills and to work in the industry. 

Kirsten now has her own fitness studio in central Christchurch which provides a wide variety of training programmes from one-on-one sessions to boot camps, corporate wellness sessions and online programmes. 

“I started off by training family members and friends and I’m now growing a wider client base. I love health and fitness; it’s what I enjoy most.”

Shannon Brown
Shannon Brown

An injury and a desire to expand his knowledge led Shannon Brown to study with Fit Futures Academy and he now runs his own Muay Thai studio.

“I was injured while working in construction and couldn’t train. I decided to study personal training because I am passionate about fitness and wanted to increase my credibility and understanding of the industry.”

Shannon loved the self-paced learning programme, support from tutors and connections with fellow students throughout the course.

“My schedule didn’t allow me to go to face-to-face classes, so the online aspect appealed to me. The private Facebook page for students was great, along with the support from my tutors.”

Before studying with Fit Futures Academy, Shannon had a yoga qualification and experience in Muay Thai gained from travelling to Thailand. He says that completing the personal training course gave him the confidence to launch his own business.

“Having the qualification gives me credibility and the confidence to keep growing. I now own a fully equipped Muay Thai studio with a yoga store upstairs where I sell my branded clothing designs.”

Debbie Wastney
Debbie Wastney

The level of support has been amazing. I have had no issues with responses to emails or phone calls.

Te was awesome and was always very reachable and happy to help.

My tutor Nick was also very responsive and supported me well with my assignment queries and giving feedback

Its has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to try something new and added to my PT learning knowledge

GO FOR IT!!! The online facebook study group is really helpful. You can share any issues you are having and someone is always there to give guidance from their experience.

There is support all along the way. The learning Platfrom is easy to navigate your way around. If I can do it…. anyone can do it!

Thanks to the team at Fit Futures for all your support and encouragement along the way.


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