10 November 2020

Hi everyone, hope all is well with you, and you’re enjoying the freedom of Level 1. In this weekly newsletter, I would like to share with you seven Facebook Business page tips, to have in mind if you’re considering starting your own business as a Personal trainer. 

When done correctly, Facebook for Business can help you develop and strengthen relationships with your customers and community. These tips will help you treat your Facebook audience with the courtesy, respect and attention that will make your followers want to share your information with others. 

  1. Keep a watchful eye on your page. It’s a waste of valuable time to create a Facebook business page and then forget about updates. It's imperative to check your page daily, post regular updates, and interact with supporters of your business.
  2. Post Wisely. Consider the frequency and the content of what you post. Post engaging content. Don’t overdo it; update your page with content that is thoughtful, helpful, relevant, important, and entertaining.
  3. Use your Facebook page interactively. Your Facebook page is not a one-way bullhorn for blasting sales messages. It's a way to create a dialogue and form a community of people who are interested in your product or service.
  4. Deal with negative posts. Don't ignore them and hope they'll go away! If a fan posts a complaint or other criticism of their interaction with your business, address it swiftly. If they’re unhappy with an experience your company has provided, apologize and address their concerns. Own up to any errors, and give an explanation as to how you will correct the situation and take steps to prevent the problem in the future.
  5. Avoid business page and personal page crossover. Keep your business postings limited to your business page. Don't mix pictures of the kids with information about your company's new product. Avoid bombarding your friends and personal contacts with sales pitches. The occasional post about business-related subject matter is fine but in general, keep posts about your business limited to your business page.
  6. Post like a pro. Keep your Facebook communications professional. Spelling and punctuation are as important on a Facebook post as they are in an email or professional letterhead. Also, just as you would not post signs in your bricks-and-mortar location stating your personal views on religion or politics, avoid it on your Facebook wall.
  7. Be patient. So, you only have 15 likes on your Facebook page? Follow the rules above, continue to post thoughtful and engaging posts and keep in touch with the 15 people who have taken the time to become your fans. Take pride in your Facebook business page and it will progressively grow.
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