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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I choose Fit Futures Academy?

Fit Futures Academy has enlisted the expertise of many high-profile fitness industry leaders to develop the curriculum. We have invested years of research into developing a curriculum that is unique to Fit Futures Academy so that our students are given every possible advantage to succeed in the Fitness industry. Passing an assessment means you met the education requirements to register with REPs and work around the globe. Our shareholders are still active in the industry and have global connections with exercise providers UFC Gyms, My First Gym, Snap Fitness Australasia and 9Round Kickboxing. 

How can I pay the course fees?

At Fit Futures Academy we understand that students are on a low budget. Students can go on an interest free payment plan through Debitsuccess to pay their course fees. For those who would prefer, there are discounts and options to pay in full. Fit Futures Academy also offers scholarships and fantastic work placement opportunities; apply now and save up to $500 in course fees.

Is there work in the industry?

A simple answer for you — YES! There is work in the industry, whether it is within an organisation or working as an independent contractor. Fit Futures Academy works hard to ensure that you become a quality graduate and will provide you with all of the necessary tools to make sure this happens.

Is online course delivery as good as face-to-face course delivery?

We are a firm believer of quality over quantity — correspondence has never been a better option for those students that need flexibility in order to further their careers. Fit Futures Academy has heavily invested time and money into building a cutting-edge online learning platform that will guide you through the course, as well as making sure that you have a personal tutor for your benefit throughout the duration of your studies.

Will I get enough practical experience through online course delivery?

YES! There are practical components of the course that you will complete in your local gym. In order for your tutor to mark this practical component you will need to complete it by short video and send it through the student online portal to be marked. We will also see your practical skills in your final third-party assessment. 

* We can also arrange for payment to be made via Q Card.

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