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How many hours do you typically spend looking at your phone, TV or tablet? How many hours do you spend scrolling through content that is not benefiting you or your goals in any way? How recently have you asked yourself, “How much value am I adding to other people’s lives?”

These are very important questions to ask yourself or those you care about, as how you spend your time has a direct impact on the results you get in life’s sporting, career and social aspects.

Creating habits and routine can be a great way to stay inspired and engaged with your goals. This can be a gradual process: for example, replacing an hour of watching TV or scrolling through your phone with reading a book specific to your goals or career path, or listening to podcasts on a topic that will benefit you in some kind of way.

When it comes to completing a course, following through with a project, or helping others, the key to success is consistency. This can mean creating a routine or structure that instills the processes and mindset that you need in order to do what you aim to do, on a regular basis.

Does this mean you need to write out every single thing you wish to do? Not all the time. Does this mean being aware of what you wish to achieve, how to get there and what is required to get there? Absolutely.

I was recently speaking to a world champion boxer, kickboxer and decorated professional fighter, whose dream started on the streets of Sydney when he was 17. He has had a professional career of over 17 years, with notable wins over many greats; he also owns a gym, and has a wife and two beautiful daughters, because he believed in himself and chased his dream.

When I asked him about habits for success, he said he attributes a lot of his success to consistency and routine. He also took any opportunities he could find, in order to get closer to his goal of fighting professionally in Japan. When people would jokingly state that he was desperate for success, he agreed and said that he wanted it so bad that it happened in a matter of years.

Having spoken to numerous professional fighters who all accomplished their goals, there seems to be a common denominator when it comes to habits for success.

All of them had a routine, and all of them had clear goals and visions of what they wanted from life and from their sport.

They all have children, family, own gyms and careers of their own. When I asked how they did it, to them it was just the norm: a way of life and a means to achieve their goals.

So next time you’re stuck on a goal or figuring out how to spend your time, make sure you’ve ticked your tasks off for the day and taken steps to get to where you want to be!


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Bryn Ealey is one of the tutors at Fit Futures Academy. Bryn was born in Japan and raised in Christchurch from the age of 2, to a Japanese mother and English father. His education includes a Certificate in Fitness and a BappSci in Sports and Exercise Science. Bryn is a competitive powerlifter with multiple titles in national level competitions, and practices martial arts when he isn’t lifting weights! Bryn’s key areas of interest include Strength and Conditioning, Mental Skills and Exercise Prescription. Having an extremely supportive and understanding partner in the same industry makes his job a lot easier!

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